Ella Shor


Deciphering the organizational language

Every company speaks and listens in a certain, self-created language. Realizing this language allows revealing what everyone knows, how everyone sees the organization; except the organization itself. New grounds for communication are set.

Exposing strengths and weaknesses

Strengths will be stripped from their declarative nature and broken down to practical terms and action items. Weaknesses will first be recognized, then compartmentalized, then brought under control to avoid undisciplined behaviors.

Understanding exposed and concealed motives that undermine goal achievement

We are very rarely upset for the reasons we think. Recognizing the pre-existing signs, understanding the source, is the key to gaining control and extracting the best of every situation and opportunity.

Training emotional management skills

Whether emotional outbursts or subdued emotions, those mental peaks and lows are hindering the path to success. Emotional management is an acquired skill that requires realization, implementation and persistence.

Initiating a native change

A real, deep-seated change will only come understanding our state of being. Each employee is first and foremost a person, and the person is the one to establish new behaviors and routines with.

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