Ella Shor


The most important resource of any organization, is the human resource. The one that will lead the organization to win and profit. In organizations that are measured by their success and results, it only makes sense that the team will be heavily invested in. The organization needs them at their peak performance.

Still, it’s puzzling to realize how little attention and investment are directed at the team.

That’s where I come in, knowing that every person brings the work not only his experience and knowledge, but also frustrations and anxieties, the bank account and maybe some repressed anger. The entirety of these conditions is directly impacting daily performance and efficiency. 

As an organization, allowing all employees to be the best that they can be should be a high priority. Teaching them the methodology of mental control will allow them to achieve peak performance.

The path to mental control:

Clear and utter acknowledgment that I’m not in control

Asking for help

Recognizing the symptoms

Noticing how these emotions control me and leave me helpless

Paying attention to preliminary signs indicating my mental control is about to be compromised

Learning how to identify the signs and crush them before they take over

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