Ella Shor


Some tips and wisdoms I collected over the years for how to achieve better communication with others, whether subordinates, co-workers or personal connections:

  • People come before paperwork
  • Don’t rush the person across from you
  • Be positive and personable; listen all the way through and make sure to understand
  • Don’t be too busy to be nice; smile, make eye contact
  • Conduct a conversion from an equal standing
  • Don’t take things personally; act matter-of-factly, be professional
  • Being an expert isn’t enough: attitude X skills = professionalism
  • Be strong, not aggressive; lead the situation instead of being pulled into it
  • The way you behave effects the way others behave
  • Be patient; provide detailed explanations, when possible
  • Give positive feedback, encouragement and support
  • Practice communication that advances, not blocks
  • Look for nonverbal hints; words express only 10% of the overall message
  • Avoid being judgmental and making assumptions; don’t jump to conclusions
  • Don’t interrupt
  • First handle the person – only then the issue

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