Ella Shor


Be, Know, Do” – this is how a leader exemplifies a commitment to ethical behavior.

Leadership makes the difference between an organization that is skyrocketing, to one that’s flat lining at mediocracy.

The role of leader, the top manager, is to recognize the most gifted employees with the most promising potential. To personally nurture them while holding them to the highest standards. HR strategy should always be first priority.

Upper management should allocate time for facetime with brilliant employees, junior and senior alike, to demand them to recognize hurdles and opportunities while evaluating their strength.

Exceptional employees who are well compensated drive growth and higher profits than average ones who will work for lower salaries.

Exceptional management is one that enforces:

  • Attractive salaries & performance based compensation
  • A culture of respect to employees and values of honesty and generosity
  • Promise to employees who excel to move up the organizational ladder
  • Symbolic gestures that demonstrate that employees are at the highest priority

When an exceptional employee joins your organization, give her sufficient time to find her own path within the company, assist her and focus her on the organizational goals. If she performs well, stay out of the way. If she doesn’t, let her go.

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